Malang Motorbike Rent

Malang Motorbike Rent

You need to get somewhere but you have no vehicle? You need to send or pick up things but you have no time or appropriate vehicle for it? Or you want to stroll around Malang tourism spots without fuss? We, Malang Motorbike Rent, is ready to help you!

We are a motorbike renting company in Malang who serves you in:

Motorbike Rent

Motor Taxi

Courrier Service (Malang Area)

Delivery Service

For further information / booking, please contact:

Phone : +6282230149593/ Blackberry PIN: 2767CAD7


NOTE: Please book us as early as possible to guarantee motorbike availability.


Please click and fill out the form in the link below to reserve your motorbike online:

Malang Motorbike Rent Online Reservation Form

Malang Motorbike Rent will notify you further detail on your reservation and the motorbike availability to your email address.

Thank you!


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