Motorbike Rent


  • 1 coat
  • 2 helmets
  • Full fuel
  • New motorbike

Rent Price (Minimum Rent Time: 1 day / 24 hours)

Student (Only for students studying in universities in Malang area):

  • Rp 40000 / 12 hours
  • Rp 70000/ 24 hours


  • Rp 50000/ 12 hour
  • Rp 75000/ 24 hour

Renting Requirements :
1. Passport
2. KTP / Nationality ID / KITAS
3. Buku Nikah / Marriage Certificate
4. KTM / Student ID
5. KTA / Member ID
6. NPWP / Tax ID
7. SIM A / Car Driving License
8. Jamsostek / National Insurance ID
9. STNK Pribadi / Personal Vehicle Certificate
10. KK / Family Card

* Renter is required to prepare at least 3 original ID (Choose from the list above)

* Fuel is in full tank state when we rent the motorbike to you, and it has to be in the same state when the motorbike is back.

* For delivery and pick up service, we charge Rp 15000 each time per motorbike (please consult us for the delivery service and pick up area)

Late Charge: Rp15000/hour for student and Rp 15000/hour for general

Book Now: +6282230149593 / Pin BBM 2767CAD7 /

NB: We Only Accept those who booked and reserved through our contact above.


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